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I introduce you to factories in Vietnam.

Then you work directly with them.

3 Factory Introductions + 1 Hour Consultation

Would you like to get to the front of the line fast?

I offer a service where, after we talk for one hour, I introduce you to three factories that I guarantee can make your product. I can't guarantee price, payment terms or delivery times. I only guarantee that the factory can make your product.

I get paid by you. I don't get paid commission from factories.

Before I introduce you to factories we will discuss:

  • labour costs;
  • compare the North, Center and South;
  • compare Vietnam to China;
  • logistic options;
  • travel safety;
  • legal considerations;
  • tax advantages;
  • language and culture
  • and answer your questions.

I have lived in Vietnam for 10+ years, learning the language and working in the manufacturing industry. My network consists of over 100 factories in many categories like garments, backpacks, shoes, hats, metal products, wood products and plastic products.

I support my clients to work directly with factories to get:

  1. price quotes, 
  2. samples made, 
  3. contract negotiated, 
  4. production completed 
  5. and quality controlled.

I am always here to provide additional support if you run into road blocks.

Schedule a Factory Introduction + Consultation Now

Three Factory Introductions + 1 Hour Consultation

We speak for an hour.  I lunderstand your needs and offer my advice based on 14+ years of experience working in VIetnam.  Then I introduce you to three factories.  I give you their contact information so that you can contact them directly.  I only guarantee that they can produce your product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make tech packs?

A tech pack is usually 4 to 10 pages in length and contains illustrations, sketches, images, measurements, material descriptions, sewing instructions, packing instructions and labeling requirements to start. Think of them as the recipe for your product. With a complete and accurate tech pack, a factory can give you an accurate quotation. I can. I charge $US 350/tech pack.

Do I need a quantity breakdown list (QBL)?

A QBL is a speadsheet that clearly shows the breakdown of quantities per style per fabric per color per embellishment and per style. Yes, you need one. QBL's give the factory and idea of the size of business you bring to the table. You can think of them as example purchase orders.

Can you introduce small quantity factories?

I can but be aware that small quantity factories require having boots on the ground to work effectively. Vietnam has hundreds of mom and pop factories that would be happy to make for you. Problem is that their profit is so little that they can not offer design and development support via email.

Will you work with the factory on my behalf?

I can but my month retainer fee is so hight that the business case usually does not make financial sense. Let's discuss. I can also introduce you to people who offer full service cheaper than me.

Is Vietnam cheaper than China?

If you are doing small quantity then Vietnam is either the same or up to 20% more expensive than China.

Are you a start-up or seasoned buyer?

If you are new to manufacturing then we start with a list of production steps and figure out which steps you have already mastered and which steps you need help with. I explain what manufacturing options you have and we focus on what works best for you.


If you are a seasoned professional then we go straight into discussing factory options.

The first major hurdle is to get price quotes and samples. We need tech packs and an order quantity breakdown list to get accurate price quotes. If the price is workable then we get samples made. Once you approve the samples then the factory will start the production process. The last step is to implement quality control measures.