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Manufacture Apparel in Vietnam - eCourse

Basics you need to know and do before starting apparel production in Vietnam

Are Thinking About Producing Apparel in Vietnam?

This 2 hour online course is for you.

Can you see how manufacturing apparel in Vietnam will help you launch your business? Do you have your designs ready? When is a good time to get price quotes and samples from sewing factories in Vietnam? This course prepares you to avoid mistakes and execute the first three steps you must do before speaking with a garment producer in Vietnam. My name is Chris and I have been living in Vietnam since 2008 advising fashion start-ups. Allow me to share my tips and processes with you so you can grow your clothing brand using the fair pricing and quality Vietnam offers.

Here is what you will learn in the course:

  1. Reverse engineer your minimum order quantities.
  2. Calculate your target price.
  3. Learn when is the right time to make first contact with a factory.
  4. See why MOQs are so high in Vietnam.
  5. Find out how much it costs to hire a production staff in Vietnam.
  6. Be shown how to fill in your ideal purchase order.
  7. Understand what information is included in a tech pack.
  8. Create your own quality control check list.

Course curriculum

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Manufacture Apparel in Vietnam - Getting Started

The course consists of 10 video lessons that include 2 hours of content.  The course is for people who have never produced apparel in a foreign country before.  I offer my best advice.  I explain some basic manufacturing math.  I explain minimum order quantities, when is the right time to meet a factory and why it is necessary to have boots on the ground.  Then I explain tech packs, quantity breakdown lists and quality control check lists.